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Drinking Method and Functions


How to achieve the best effect?

Once a day (Twice a day if necessary), 1 sachet each time, it is recommended to drink before meals or before going to bed. Drink plenty of water on the day of drinking. For a more effective slimming effect, it is recommended to reduce the intake of starch, such as rice and noodles.

Duration of Drinking Conditions During Drinking
(Short-term) 7-30 days (About 1 week to 1 month In the early stage of drinking, intestinal peristalsis is frequent, and will lead to an increase in bowel movements. When the large intestine is completely empty, there may be slight abdominal discomfort. This is only for a short while and will pass upon the passing of stool.
(Mid-term) 31-90 days (About 1 to 3 months There are fewer residual stools in the large intestine, a large amount of toxins will not be produced as excrement does not mix with water for a long time, which reduces the load on organs such as the intestine and liver. When the toxins in the various tissues and organs of the body and the blood decrease, the oxygen level will begin to increase; people become healthier and feel lighter, the skin becomes smoother and more shiny, and problems such as obesity and constipation are gradually improved.
(Long-term) 91-180 days (About 3 to 6 months After the toxins in the body are removed, the physique naturally starts to change . Effectively resists, prevents and improves various urban diseases and cardiovascular problems; continues to regulate the body to stay healthy and youthful; improve endocrine disorders, reduce the formation of pigmentation and melanin so that the skin can regain its health and shine.


  • In the early stage of drinking this product, intestinal peristalsis will be more frequent, the frequency of bowel movements may increase, and slight abdominal discomfort may temporarily occur.  
  • Slimming products in the market can cause severe diarrhea or leakage and other side effects. Drinking this product will not cause the above mentioned side effects, and the bowel movement will not be watery or produce a strong odor. It is a smooth feeling without being diarrhea-like and can be consumed with absolute peace of mind.
  • The absorption effect and response of the product vary from person to person. It is recommended that people who are pregnant, chronically ill, and those who are taking prescription drugs, consult their doctor before drinking this product.
  • People with sensitive intestines can try half a pack first.
  • Stay hydrated after drinking alcohol and taking ALLKLEAR.
  • Please keep it out of reach of children.
  • Please keep it in a cool place.