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"When do I need to take ALLKLEAR?"
It can be used by essentially anyone looking to improve intestinal and cardiovascular health, solve constipation, and for those who have a desire to slim down.


"Are there any side effects for taking ALLKLEAR?"

No. This product contains all natural ingredients, does not contain laxatives, and will not cause side effects such as severe diarrhea or leakage. Please take it with complete peace of mind.


"Who is not suitable for drinking?"

The absorption effect and response to the product may vary from person to person. It is recommended that people who are pregnant, chronically ill, and those who are taking prescription drugs, consult their doctor before drinking this product.


"Can I drink it if my stomach is sensitive??"

People with sensitive intestines are advised to try half a pack first.


"What is the smell / taste of ALLKLEAR?"

ALLKLEAR ingredients are all natural, fresh and delicious, with a guava flavor.

"How many times a day should I drink the whole pack of ALLKLEAR?"

People with healthy intestines: Drink before meals or before going to bed, once a day, 1 sachet each time.

Slimming people: Drink it before meals or before going to bed, 2 times a day, 1 sachet each time. If you reduce the intake of starchy foods such as flour, rice, noodles, etc., the effect will be better.


"How to mix ALLKLEAR?"

We recommend using a cup of 250ml cold water or room temperature water (avoid hot water), pour the whole sachet of ALLKLEAR high fiber powder, stir the powder and drink immediately. Or you can pour the ALLKLEAR high fiber powder into a 250ml bottle of water, close the bottle cap and shake the powder gently and drink it immediately.


"Can I drink alcohol if I drink ALLKLEAR?"

Stay hydrated after drinking alcohol and taking ALLKLEAR.


"Why do I feel bellyache after drinking?"

If bellyache occurs, it is because the intestine is relatively dry and contains less water. After entering the intestine, ALLKLEAR high-fiber powder will absorb a lot of water, and the fiber will swell when exposed to water. This may cause some momentary discomfort. Drinking more water will make it easier to excrete stool and toxins. After drinking ALLKLEAR for 2-3 days, you will no longer feel slight abdominal pain and discomfort after the stool and toxins are discharged.

"What if you have taken ALLKLEAR yet no response for two days?"

The absorption effect and response of the product varies from person to person. It is recommended to drink it continuously for at least the first 7 days to achieve short-term results. Drinking more water before and after taking the product would be better. In the early stage of drinking ALLKLEAR, the intestinal movement will increase thereby resulting in a higher frequency of bowel movements. The large intestine will be completely rid of old and hardened feces.

"How long does it take to be effective after drinking ALLKLEAR?"

The length of the continuous drinking period will lead to different effects. We generally distinguish between short-term, medium-term and long-term.

(Short-term) 7-30 days (about 1 week to 1 month):

In the early stage of drinking, intestinal peristalsis is frequent, and will lead to an increase in bowel movements. When the large intestine is completely empty, there may be slight abdominal discomfort. This is only for a short while and will pass upon the passing of stool

(Mid-term) 31-90 days (about 1 to 3 months):

There are fewer residual stools in the large intestine, a large amount of toxins will not be produced as excrement does not mix with water for a long time, which reduces the load on organs such as the intestine and liver. When the toxins in the various tissues and organs of the body and the blood decrease, the oxygen level will begin to increase; people become healthier and feel lighter, the skin becomes smoother and more shiny, and problems such as obesity and constipation are gradually improved.

(Long term) 91-180 days (about 3 to 6 months):

After the toxins in the body are removed, the physique naturally starts to change . Effectively resists, prevents and improves various urban diseases and cardiovascular problems; continues to regulate the body to stay healthy and youthful; improve endocrine disorders, reduce the formation of pigmentation and melanin so that the skin can regain its health and shine.

"Why do the shape and color of stool change after drinking ALLKLEAR??"

After drinking ALLKLEAR, detoxification and bowel regulation will be in effect. The stool is dark brown at first, loose or mushy in shape, and then gradually turns into yellow-brown, banana-like and smooth-surfaced stool, which is a reaction and proof of toxin discharge.  

  • 有關 Allklear 全清 高纖新沙律









  • 有關 Allklear 全清 高纖新沙律的營養






    跟據衛生防護中心的高纖飲食指引,5碗生菜的纖維量是3.0克 (每碗*0.6克) ,而全清含有5.7克的纖維量,比5碗沙律^多出2.7克纖維量。




  • 有關 Allklear 全清 高纖新沙律的飲用






  • 有關 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐有經過專業人士審查?
    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐由營養師及健身教練團隊參與研發。

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐攜帶是否方便?
    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐非常輕盈小巧,食用方法便捷,可以代替不營養的一餐,特別適合關注體重管理、便秘、素食及工作繁忙的人士。

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐如何幫助我管理體重和修身減重?
    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐含25種+營養成分和纖維素,增加飽肚感,延遲饑餓感,間接減少下一餐的進食量,有助減低熱量吸收。而且 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐還能幫助我們合理控制熱量攝入,以250毫升無糖豆漿沖調一份全清綠昔代餐計算,每杯只有約293卡路里,有效幫助管理體重和修身減重。

    飲用 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐預期可減重多少?
    根據10位用家連續進食7天 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐,以250毫升無糖豆漿沖調一份全清綠昔代餐計算,平均減重爲7磅。不過每個人的體質、飲食習慣、運動習慣等不盡相同,效果只作參考。

    我可以只靠 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐減重修身嗎?
    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐有效幫助減少每天的熱量攝取,而官方建議代餐是輔助產品,需要均衡飲食,吸收各方面足夠的營養、逐漸減低熱量攝取及配合適量運動,才能瘦得健康又不復胖。

    飲用 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐減重後會反彈嗎?
    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐的纖維素能幫助抑制脂質吸收,讓您漸入良好的飲食習慣,將 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐融入日常飲食,既保持減重成效又不容易反彈。

  • 有關 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐的營養

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐適合長期飲用嗎,會否不夠營養?

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐成分爲植物性蛋白質配以超級食物,低卡低熱量,高纖高營養,加上成份全天然純素,適合長期飲用。

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐的卡路里、蛋白質和膳食纖維有多少?

    以250毫升無糖豆漿沖調計,一杯 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐只有293卡路里,16.6克蛋白質和達11克膳食纖維。

    一杯 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐有多少營養?
    一杯 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐多種維他命,包括A、B、C、E等及鈣,鐵,鎂等必要礦物微元素,富含優質Omega-3、α-亞麻酸、木酚素,植物性蛋白質,10多款蔬果及堅果精華。

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐的碳水化合物、糖份和脂肪有多少?

    以250毫升無糖豆漿沖調計,一杯 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐只有22.1克總碳水,6.3克糖和達19.5克總脂肪。

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐內的植物性蛋白和動物性蛋白有分別嗎?
    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐內的植物性蛋白含量豐富,在礦物質和膳食纖維上,比動物蛋白更佔優勢,膽固醇和脂肪含量低,同時比動物性蛋白較容易被人體吸收。

  • 有關 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐的飲用

    飲用 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐需要注意什麼事項嗎?

    每日可以飲用多少次 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐?

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐是否有飽腹感,大概可以維持多久?
    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐一杯含豐富纖維量,纖維及奇亞籽吸收水份膨脹的特性使飽肚感大大增加,大概維持數小時不等。加上咀嚼進食原型堅果可減低饑餓感,不用捱肚餓,輕鬆減磅。

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐可以配搭什麼飲品,味道如何?
    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐能完美配搭牛奶、豆漿、燕麥奶和果汁,好喝好味道。

    進行生酮飲食者能飲用 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐嗎?

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐是否可以在任何時間飲用,晚間飲用合適嗎?

    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐是否可以在做運動前飲用,代替能量飲品?

    適合。Allklear 全清綠昔代餐成分全天然純素,已獲得英國純素協會(The
    Vegan Society) 頒發認証,適合素食人士。



    Allklear 全清綠昔代餐成分全天然,不含任何西藥及中藥的成分,如需食用其他補充品,會建議食用後兩小時再飲用綠昔代餐。至於服用中西藥的話,我們會建議先向閣下的醫生查詢。

    *根據10位用家連續進食7天 Allklear 全清綠昔代餐之平均減重量,需配合均衡飲食及適量運動


    #成年女士每天平均需攝取1800-2400卡路里。資料來源: 香港衛生署 衛生防護中心


  • 有關 Future Dollar 禮品卡

    如何獲得到Future Dollar禮品卡?

    如何兌換Future Dollar禮品卡?
    瀏覽 註冊成會員,於會員帳戶頁面輸入禮品卡編號以兌換成餘額,每張禮品卡只可兌換一次。

    如何使用Future Dollar禮品卡?

    Future Dollar禮品卡可與優惠碼同時使用嗎?

    可以增值、轉讓或退還Future Dollar禮品卡餘額嗎?