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Limited Time : Detox Future Salad - Ginger Flavour (7 Sachets)


Limited Time: Detox Future Salad (Ginger Flavour)

Nothing soothes you like a Ginger-flavored drink in winter. 

This winter, Allklear is proud to launch a limited-time flavor: high-fiber new salad (ginger flavor). 

With the advent of fall and winter causing big temperature differences day and night, no matter how much clothing people wear, many would still have cold hands or feet. Since ancient times, many Asian cultures believe adding ginger to your diet is a way to keep you warm. Allklear has specially launched this limited-time, Detox Future Salad (Ginger Flavor) to warm everyone up this cold winter!

🔥 Ginger has detoxification and sterilization effects. If you experience irritation, vomiting, bellyache, or allergies to seafood, you can use ginger to soothe it.

🔥 Gingerol and other ingredients can enhance the sterilization function in the stomach and intestines and prevent bacteria from multiplying in the body.

🔥 Promote metabolism and burn calories. Ginger is a warm food. Eating ginger or drinking ginger soup can dissipate heat and improve body temperature.

🔥 Improve stomach discomfort, prevent ulcers, help digestion and absorption

🔥 Prevent colds, relieve pain and fever, migraine, cough, and expectorant.

🔥 Regulate blood pressure, prevent thrombosis, strengthen heart function.