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All-clear members frequently asked questions


1 What is the Allklear Membership Program and K Coin
Quanqing Allklear Membership Program is a member upgrade system, member points wallet system, family and friends referral system and points redemption system. The membership system is divided into full Qing members, VIP members and VVIP Distinguished Members a total of three levels. Quanqing Allklear members enjoy the following 5 exciting benefits

- Quanqing Allklear members can get online shopping discounts: 10% discount for Quanqing members, 85% discount for VIP members, VVIPDistinguished20% discount for members
- Quanqing Allklear members make online purchases and receive 1 K Coin for every HK$1 1 consumed
- K Coin redeems all-clear Allklear Select Product Awards
- Additional K coin for the member's birthday monthReward
- Recommend new members for successful shopping awards

2 How do I register as a member?
Click on "Register as a Full Qing Member" or click on the link at the bottom of the Quanqing Allklear page and fill in the registration information as directed to become a Quanqing Allklear Member

3 Can I start shopping and storing points as soon as I sign up successfully?
Yes, new members can make online purchases and store points as soon as they successfully register online

Can I receive a member shopping discount immediately after successful registration?
No, you'll need to make a successful purchase once after signing up to receive a member shopping discount

5 Is there a fee for registering as a member?
No, there is no additional charge for registering as a Full Clear Allklear member

6 How to earn K Coin
You can earn K Coin by purchasing items from Quanqing Allklear, and you can earn 1 point K Coin for every HK$1 you spend. Additional K Coin may also be earned through the Member Referral Program in the future

7 How to use K Coin
Redeem K Coin for a special gift prepared for you by Quanqing Allklear, which includes shipping charges

8 How to query an existing K Coin balance
Please log in to the official Allklear store and check the credit balance in My Account

9 How to recommend friends and family shopping
You can log into My Account with an invitation code and a unique link that you can send to your friends and family. When they receive a link, they can make a purchase directly by pressing the link