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Allklear Green Shake Meal Replacement


🤐 Weight loss doesn't mean going hungry!
Lose 7lbs in a week with ease. *

Just a few simple steps and you can enjoy nutritious and delicious "Allklear Green Shake Meal Replacement"!

One serving contains more than 5 bowls of salad nutrition and dietary fiber. It is low-calorie, high-fiber and full of nutrition. Comparable to the nutritional value of an ordinary meal, but more balanced and more healthy. Enriched dietary fiber can greatly increase the feeling of fullness, and at the same time isolate and reduce the absorption of sugar and oil. It helps you detox and lose weight, improve bad breath and skin problems. It is especially suitable for those who care about weight management, vegetarianism, and those who have busy lives and have insufficient time to eat.

👍 Satiating!
👍 Full of Fiber!
👍 Full of Nutrition!

  • Low-calorie, great for slimming and weight management
  • Fills your stomach, so it can help you control calorie intake and makes it harder to gain weight
  • Healthy comprehensive nutritional value
  • Rich in protein to assist muscle production
  • Provides more dietary fiber than other similar meal replacement products
  • Dietary fiber helps isolate and reduce the absorption of sugar and oil
  • Dietary fiber helps you remove toxins quickly
  • Improve bad breath, dull complexion and overweight issues
  • All-natural vegan ingredients, suitable for vegetarians
  • No medicine or chemical ingredients, suitable for continuous consumption
  • Easy to prepare, suitable for busy people who don't have enough time to eat

✅ A serving of Allklear Green Shake Meal Replacement contains the following nutrients**:

  • Only 293 calories
  • 11g dietary fiber
  • 16.6g protein content
  • Vitamins A, B, C, E, K, etc.
  • Essential trace elements such as Calcium, Iron and Magnesium
  • Rich in high-quality Omega-3, α-linolenic acid and lignans
  • Vegetable proteins

✅ Magic Seeds – Super Foods Flax Seed & Chia Seed

Flax Seed (3g) - A very ancient crop in human history. It can provide a lot of nutrients and benefits. After being grounded, it is easier to be absorbed by the body. It provides α-linolenic acid, lignans, and vegetable proteins. Its content of antioxidant lignans is top among all foods currently known!

Chia seed (3g) - The word Chia comes from ancient Maya and it means power. Its fiber will expand after absorbing water and greatly reduce hunger after eating. It is rich in nutrients, including Omega-3, calcium, various minerals and trace elements. The human body cannot produce Omega-3 and trace elements on its own. It must be absorbed from the diet. Omega-3 can help reduce cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, and inflammation.


✅ Unsalted Mixed Nuts - 3 Kings of Nuts

Almonds (12g) - Almonds are a good source of vitamin E, which nourish your skin

Walnut (9g) - Rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), may reduce low-density lipoprotein LDL (i.e. bad cholesterol)

Pumpkin seed (3g) - Pumpkin seed is rich in β-carotene, magnesium and zinc. Zinc is also antioxidant and anti-inflammatory


✅ Detox Future Salad (12g) – 5 Bowls of Salad Nutrition and Fiber Content In 1 Sachet 

Wheat Fiber: Rich in protein, vitamin A, B, E and dietary fiber

Moringa Leaf:  Contains unique moringine and alkaloids, has a strong bactericidal effect

Spinach Fiber:  Relieve constipation, promote intestinal peristalsis, maintain intestinal health and help you feel full

Green Tea:  Contains tea polyphenols, catechins, vitamin C

Spirulina:  Contains protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals

Guava:  Contains a lot of vitamin C, protein, folic acid

Guar Gum: Water-soluble polymer, natural thickener

Green Apple: Low calorie, high fruit acid content, protein

Wheat Grass: Contains enzymes, amino acids, bioflavonoids, polysaccharides and a large amount of chlorophyll, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Lemon: Rich in vitamin C, help detox and maintain a youthful appearance

Aloe Vera: The main components of the latex part are Quinone compounds and glycosides, which are often used to treat depression, constipation, asthma and diabetes

Oligosaccharides:  Promote intestinal peristalsis, improve constipation and diarrhea

Recommended Meal Replacement Usage

Consume 1 sachet of Allklear Detox Future Salad, 1 bag of Magical Seed (Flex Seed & Chia Seed) and 1 bag of mixed nuts once a day to replace either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mix the sachet of Allklear Detox Future Salad and the bag of Magical Seed with 250ml skimmed milk, unsweetened soy milk, oat milk or diluted apple juice. Consume the bag of mixed nuts after drinking. Stay hydrated after consumption.

Preparation Tips




In the morning or during the day, use skimmed milk or oat milk to prepare the meal replacement. It is rich in vitamin B1 and B2, nutritious, delicious, and fulfilling, leaving you full of energy for the rest of the day.
In the evening, use sugar-free soy milk to prepare the meal replacement. The intake of Magnesium and Isoflavones in soy will help you fall asleep and rejuvenate your skin.
Before exercise or other strenuous activities, use diluted apple juice to prepare the meal replacement. The fructose intake can provide the energy your body needs.


Main Nutrients of 1 Serving Mixed With Different Drinks^

Oat Milk

Skimmed Milk

Unsweetened Soy Milk

Apple Juice


331 kcal 274 kcal 293 kcal 315 kcal


10.4g 16.1g 16.6g 8.4g

Dietary Fiber

10.5g 9.5g 11g 10g


Contents of Allklear Green Shake Meal Replacement Set

  • Allklear Detox Future Salad x 7 Sachets
  • Magical Seeds (Organic Flax Seed, Organic Chia Seed) x 7 Bags
  • Unsalted Mixed Nuts (Almond, Organic Walnut, Pumpkin Seed) x 7 Bags
  • Allklear Mixing Bottle x 1 pc

Allklear Green Shake Meal Replacement Q&A

「全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐如何幫助我管理體重和修身減重?」

  • 全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐含25種+營養成分和纖維素,增加飽肚感,延遲饑餓感,間接減少下一餐的進食量,有助減低熱量吸收。而且全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐還能幫助我們合理控制熱量攝入,以250毫升無糖豆漿沖調一份全清綠昔代餐計算,每杯只有約293卡路里,有效幫助管理體重和修身減重。

飲用全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐預期可減重多少?

  • 根據10位用家連續進食7天全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐,以250毫升無糖豆漿沖調一份全清綠昔代餐計算,平均減重爲7磅。不過每個人的體質、飲食習慣、運動習慣等不盡相同,效果只作參考。 

我可以只靠全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐減重修身嗎?

  • 全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐有效幫助減少每天的熱量攝取,而官方建議代餐是輔助產品,需要均衡飲食,吸收各方面足夠的營養、逐漸減低熱量攝取及配合適量運動,才能瘦得健康又不復胖。

飲用全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐減重後會反彈嗎?

  • 全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐的纖維素能幫助抑制脂質吸收,讓您漸入良好的飲食習慣,將全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐融入日常飲食,既保持減重成效又不容易反彈。

全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐適合長期飲用嗎,會否不夠營養?

  • 全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐成分爲植物性蛋白質配以超級食物,低卡低熱量,高纖高營養,加上成份全天然純素,適合長期飲用。

全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐有經過專業人士審查?

  • 全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐由營養師及健身教練團隊參與研發。 

「飲用全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐需要注意什麼事項嗎?

  • 沖調後請馬上飲用。另外不能使用熱飲沖調。

「每日可以飲用多少次全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐?

  • 官方建議每天取代一餐就好,透過不同的食物吸收均衡營養,更能幫助我們的身體維持穩定水平,達到修身和健康的平衡。

一杯全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐的卡路里、蛋白質和膳食纖維有多少?

  • 以250毫升無糖豆漿沖調計,一杯全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐只有293卡路里,16.6克蛋白質和達11克膳食纖維。

一杯全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐有多少營養?

  • 一杯全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐多種維他命,包括A、B、C、E等及鈣,鐵,鎂等必要礦物微元素,富含優質Omega-3、α-亞麻酸、木酚素,植物性蛋白質,10多款蔬果及堅果精華。

一杯全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐的碳水化合物、糖份和脂肪有多少?

  • 以250毫升無糖豆漿沖調計,一杯全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐只有22.1克總碳水,6.3克糖和達19.5克總脂肪。

全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐是否有飽腹感,大概可以維持多久?」

  • 全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐一杯含豐富纖維量,纖維及奇亞籽吸收水份膨脹的特性使飽肚感大大增加,大概維持數小時不等。加上咀嚼進食原型堅果可減低饑餓感,不用捱肚餓,輕鬆減磅。

全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐攜帶是否方便?」

  • 全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐非常輕盈小巧食用方法便捷,可以代替不營養的一餐,特別適合關注體重管理、便秘、素食及工作繁忙的人士。

全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐可以配搭什麼飲品,味道如何?」

  • 全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐能完美配搭牛奶、豆漿、燕麥奶和果汁,好喝好味道


全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐內的植物性蛋白和動物性蛋白有分別嗎?

  • 全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐內的植物性蛋白含量豐富,在礦物質和膳食纖維上,比動物蛋白更佔優勢,膽固醇和脂肪含量低,同時比動物性蛋白較容易被人體吸收。


「進行生酮飲食者能飲用全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐嗎?

  • 視乎閣下是進行低碳水飲食還是零碳水飲食,若是低碳水飲食可以飲用,零碳水飲食則不建議。


全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐是否可以在任何時間飲用,晚間飲用合適嗎?

  • 可以,我們建議晚間可使用無糖豆漿沖調代餐,增加鎂質和大豆異黃酮吸收,能有助入眠及有美顏作用。

全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐是否可以在做運動前飲用,代替能量飲品?

  • 可以,運動前或體力需求較大時可使用蘋果汁沖調代餐,果糖糖分可提供身體能量,足夠的蛋白質協助肌肉生成,充足肌肉使身體線條更迷人健康。


  • 適合。全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐成分全天然純素,已獲得英國純素協會(The Vegan Society) 頒發認証,適合素食人士。


  • 官方不建議孕婦在懷孕期間減重,嬰兒亦需要吸收足夠營養,我們會建議先向閣下的家庭醫生查詢。


  • 母乳媽媽不建議飲用,同時建議先向閣下的家庭醫生查詢。


  • 全清 Allklear 綠昔代餐成分全天然,不含任何西藥及中藥的成分,如需食用其他補充品,會建議食用後兩小時再飲用綠昔代餐。至於服用中西藥的話,我們會建議先向閣下的醫生查詢。

*根據10位用家連續進食7天全清Allklear 綠昔代餐之平均減重量,需配合均衡飲食及適量運動


#成年女士每天平均需攝取1800-2400卡路里。資料來源: 香港衛生署 衛生防護中心