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All Clear ALLKLEAR Christmas Snowflake Gift Boxed Christmas Gift Set


2020 Limited Edition Holiday Set! (Value HK$988)

This Christmas all clear ALLKLEAR for you and your loved onesIt's readyA health surprise!

Enjoy a relaxing experience while counting down the festival, a selection of all-clearing callers, and a sophisticated experience that lets you or the lucky ones who receive a gift enjoy it slowly throughout the season.

Luxury gift box even Christmas style paper sets, quanqing 7 packaging two boxes, whole clear brand punch glass one,Handmade ornaments,Quanqing brand linen towel a piece and a whole clear hand pumping paper bag one.


Pick-up/delivery method:
1) From 16 December, you can pick it up at the Office of Quanqing Wan Chai
2) Make an appointment for Lalamove to be delivered to you (package shipping)

Please select the specified shipping address at checkout and do not select Shunfeng Delivery

Query/pre-order method:
1) Buy the store from the Allklear online shop in >
2) Inbox Full Clear Allklear FB Page >
3) Whatsapp 6570 0000 Pre-order Line >


It's all clearALLKLEAR Product Introduction:

There are clouds in the old saying that if people want to live longer, there must be no in their intestines. 」

Health > wealth

Health is the greatest wealth and happiness in life, a person without health, the technology is greater, financial resources are thicker, what dreams are empty talk! Like all of us, nothing in the world is more precious than physical and mental health. We believe that a healthy body can ignite the pursuit of a better life, so that we can enjoy a higher quality of life.

Allganic Health LimitedProfessional team, after ten years of painstaking research, the use of "frozen drying technology" to freeze the ingredients of water molecules into ice, and then with a spray gun to blow fiber into a variety of different coarse and small and size, repeatedly paired to combine the gold ratio, to get a super-concentrated high-fiber whole clean formula.

According to the dietitian's recommendations, adults should consume not less than one daily25gDietary fiber, eating the right amount of dietary fiber-rich food can prevent a variety of chronic diseases and help maintain intestinal health.

It's all clearALLKLEARHigh fiber powder ingredients are all natural, do not contain laxatives, will not appear serious diarrhea or leakage and other side effects. A pack of all-clearing has more than5The amount of fiber in the bowl can supplement the daily dietary fiber required by the body, and easily achieve effective net intestinal detox, slim and heart care effect.


High fiber powder3 effects

Net intestine detox

Quanqing high fiber powder through the digestive system into the intestines, will form a gel-like film, can wash the intestinal crevices between the accumulation of cesarean, and stimulate intestinal peristaltic, drain the intestinal accumulation of toxins, painless cesarean, effectively improve abdominal growth and enhance intestinal health.

High fiberRepairbody

Quanqing high fiber powder pure natural ingredients, including a variety of vitamins and a large number of fibers, can make the skin bright white gloss, improve and prevent acne problems, improve their metabolic capacity, gradually reduce the total calories, burning fat, up to the slim body repair effect.

Maintain heart health

Refined carbohydrate foods such as white rice or white bread are digested and absorbed by the body, resulting in the instant production of large amounts of glucose in the blood. Quanqing high fiber powder is rich in water-soluble fiber, nutrition and energy can be released smoothly, or help to stabilize blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels, to maintain heart health.

How to clear up

The human body's large intestine is wrinkled, the inner wall of the small intestine is covered with fine fluff, and the house is attached over the years.

After entering the intestine through the digestive system, the whole clear high fiber powder slowly absorbs the water into a gel-like shape, adheres to the feces in the intestine and the cetacean between the intestinal crevices, forming a gel-like film, promoting intestinal peristaltic.

When mixed with bile, the film can burn calories or help stabilize blood sugar. The film is covered with feces, making the bed soft and smooth

Slip, about6-9 hours to easily excrete.

 The person who applies

  • Pay attention to constipation, slim, cardiovascular and other people


HK$280 per box, 1 box 7Packages, each pack12g

The ingredients are natural

Wheat fiber, spicy wood leaves, spinach fiber, green tea, olipotents, spirulina, guava (barre), guar gum, green apples, wheat grass, lemon, aloe vera

Origin:Hong kong

Product certification

Quanqing ALLKLEAR is manufactured by the Hong Kong GMP plant, and won the SGS testing certification, CERTIFIED VEGAN vegetarian certification and HALAL halal certification and many other authoritative certification, is absolutely the choice of confidence.

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