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Allklear Detox Future Salad Family Pack (2 x 21 Sachets)


Allklear’s Detox Future Salad, backed by a professional team of doctors, nutritionists and scientific researchers. Developed after ten years of painstaking research using more than ten types of natural raw materials, and aerospace-grade food technology ‘Krystallos Sublimation Drying Technology’ to preserve the most natural nutrient elements of the raw materials. We eventually achieved the golden ratio in the formula containing our ingredients, creating our best-selling product - Detox Future Salad. Breaking traditional boundaries, 1 sachet is equivalent to 5 bowls of salad nutrition, including vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols etc.. Drink your way to wellness with our low-calorie and nutrient-rich Detox Future Salad. Detox Future Salad can nourish your skin, boost metabolism, lose weight with dietary fiber, detox with ease, and keep your heart healthy. Not only is it convenient to prepare and carry, the flavor is sweet, tangy and refreshing. Allowing you to release your body and mind, regaining vitality from inside out. 

3 Pain Points

1. Bloating and obesity, difficult weight loss due to lack of exercise

The overweight or obese population in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan has exceeded 250 million. With office workers being sedentary for prolonged periods of time, their lack of exercise has led to obesity problems. 

2. Eating out too much, overconsuming junk food

Urbanites eat lavishly every day. They often eat heavy, greasy, low-fiber foods. Poor eating habits lead to a  defective nutrition intake. 

3. Dull complexion, bad breath

Poor gastrointestinal health is becoming more and more common. The accumulation of toxins gradually leads to dull complexion and bad breath. 

6 Amazing Benefits

1. Full of Nutrition

The ingredients of Detox Future Salad are all pure and natural, extracted from more than ten types of fruits and vegetables. Containing a variety of vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals and trace elements. It supplements daily nutritional needs and boosts your health in many ways.

2. Skin Care and Beautification

Detox Future Salad contains vitamins: B, C, E, K, etc. Vitamins and their antioxidant nature help to inhibit free radicals in the body and maintain skin elasticity. Vitamins also promote collagen production, it can help to brighten your complexion, improve and prevent acne problems.

3. Boost Metabolism

Detox Future Salad contains antioxidants, polyphenols and trace elements, which can boost metabolism, promote blood circulation, gradually reduce total calories and burn fat.

4. Weight Loss with Dietary Fiber 

Dietary fiber expands after absorbing water, this gives you the feeling of fullness and suppresses hunger. So you can eat less the next meal, reduce calorie intake, and achieve slimming effects.

5. Detox with Ease

Detox Future Salad is rich in dietary fiber. It promotes intestinal peristalsis, helps soften stools, removes accumulated toxins, improves and prevents constipation problems; enhances intestinal health.

6. Keeping your Heart Healthy 

After refined carbohydrate foods such as rice or bread are digested and absorbed by the body, a large amount of glucose is instantly produced inside the bloodstream. The Allklear Detox Future Salad is rich in water-soluble fiber, so nutrients and energy can be released steadily. It may help stabilize blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels, and keep your heart healthy.

12 Ingredients of Detox Future Salad

Wheat Fiber, Guava, Spinach Fiber, Moringa, Oligosaccharide, Green Tea, Green Apple, Guar Gum, Lemon, Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Aloe Vera

Aerospace-grade Technology

Krystallos Sublimation Drying Technology

1. Rapid Freezing Rapidly freeze vegetables in -40 °C Turning all the water content in the foods into solid ice.
2. Sublimation Water vapor sublimates frozen solid ice in a 20 pa vacuum chamber.
3. Drying Heat for over 48 hours to remove any remaining moisture.
4. Powder Forming Shape ingredients into fibers of various sizes with a spray gun.
Ultimately achieving the Golden Ratio

What happens after drinking Detox Future Salad?

  1. Detox Future Salad contains a variety of vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols and trace elements, which can supplement the nutrients that are inadequate or even lacking in general meals. 

  2.  Abundant nutrients can help inhibit free radicals in the body, help produce collagen, maintain skin elasticity, improve complexion, prevent acne problems, promote metabolism and blood circulation, and improve overall health.
  3. Detox Future Salad is also rich in dietary fiber, which swells and expands after absorbing water. Becoming gel-like, the gel film can round up toxins, promote intestinal peristalsis, and make stool soft and smooth. So your intestinal waste can easily be excreted from the body. 

  4. Water-soluble fiber can increase satiety, reduce hunger, and indirectly reduce the amount of food for your next meal. With overall calorie intake reduced, slimming effects are achieved. 

Origin: Hong Kong